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GM KaydenTroff

Kayden Troff

Utah, United States
Dec 7, 2009
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Oct 9, 2017
Supporting member since Dec 7, 2009

I have definitely enjoyed my years on this great site! I am excited for all they do for Chess on a huge international scale! Their efforts are surely some of the best I have ever seen.


Here's my website: http://kaydentroff.blogspot.com/. It will tell you a lot more about my Chess Career, with some fun and exciting opportunities I have had over the years.


I hit all the requirements and got my GM title! I'm thankful to all those people around the country that have provided great norm tournaments in this regard. Next I will keep aiming to improve and getting my rating up hoping one day to hit the top!


Please donate on my website through Paypal to help me out!  There have been a lot of up and downs throughout the years and I am grateful for all those that have supported me through it!!


Sign up here to become a fan of Chess Champion Kayden Troff on Facebook: #!/pages/Chess-Champion-Kayden-Troff/122344848785?ref=ts. I post regular updates about "what's up" on Facebook!


I also help with a Chess Camp: http://tntchesscamp.blogspot.com/


Here is a list of some of my greatest achievements, and things that where cool to get to be a part of over the years: 


In 2009 I played in my first international tournament in Mazatlan, Mexico, playing in the U12 section of the North American Championship. It was a fun experience! After the seven rounds I had 6.5/7 and won Gold.


In 2010 I took the Silver Medal at the World Youth Chess Championships U12 category!


In 2011 I got my 1st IM Norm at the 5th IM Metropolitan International (Dedicated to Sean Christian Reader) tournament in LA. I won all my games with Black and struggled with White throughout the tournament, but in the last round I was able to win (my only win with the White pieces) and get my 1st IM Norm.


2012 was an up and down year for the first six months. I had two of the best tournaments of my life the Northern California International (where I had the performance rating sufficient for an IM Norm, but did not play enough foreign players) and the 21st Chicago Open where I did get my 2nd IM Norm. Unfortunately I balanced these tournaments out with a few terrible tournaments.


Later in 2012 I stopped the down part of "up and down" and was able to get my third IM Norm in the 2nd Metropolitan International followed by my 4th IM Norm in the 2012 SPICE Cup (due to some complications with my 2nd IM Norm we used this IM Norm as one of my three IM Norms instead of that one).


2012 U14 World Champion!!!  After 11 rounds in Maribor, Slovenia I tied for first with 9/11 and won on tiebreaks, taking home the gold medal!  Read my blog about the experience here. Thanks for everybody's support!


Besides my tournaments in 2012 I was grateful to be chosen as part of the Young Stars Program. It has been a great opportunity and helped a lot with my growth!


After the 2013 Golden State Open my FIDE rating went above 2400 meeting the last requirement for the International Master title!


I had the wonderful opportunity to play in the 2013 US Championships as a wildcard!  It was a great and crazy tournament!  Going into the tournament I was seeded 23rd out of 24 players and at the end of the tournament tied for 6th and placed 9th on tiebreaks.  It was a great experience to be there and I am hoping to be back in future years!


Later in 2013 I played in the SPICE Cup Open where I achieved my 2nd GM Norm and tied for first with GM Alexander Ipatov!


So far in 2014, I had the wonderful opportunity to play in the Tata Steel Chess Challengers Tournament where I got to meet, play, and see some of the best players of our time!


A couple months later I was able to get my third and final GM Norm at the UTD Spring FIDE Open, scoring 5.5/9!


GM!  During the 2014 Chicago Open my rating hit 2499.5 before the last round which counts as 2500 (since FIDE rounds up, so .5 is as good as 1 point) which fulfills the last requirement for the Grand Master title! Unfortunately I lost my last game there so I finished under 2500, but after another good tournament at a St. Louis GM Invitational Round Robin my rating went over 2500!


2014 US Junior Champion! I got a lot of fighting games and had some tough competition but winning my last four games put me into first place to claim the championship!


The PianoGuys are just plain cool!  Love their videos... (http://www.chess.com/groups/home/the-piano-guys-fan-club

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