Robert Louis Stevenson
Edinburgh, Samoa
Sep 13, 2010
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I will not tolerate any nonsense posts. Be aware. Have recently taken










































































a job as a tap dancer and ventriloquist with the local radio station.

My last job was painting spots on dominoes, but I got laid off when they were making double blanks.


































































Ochone! Ochone! Al bet yiz haenae a cloo whit am sayin' the noo... So hud yer wheesht and cairry oan aboot yer prattle. My first job was with a fairground. They sacked me, so I am taking them to a tribunal for funfair dismissal.

I once applied for a job as a handyman. When I told them I could not do electrics, plumbing or painting, they asked why I had applied for a job as a handyman. I told them that I just lived around the corner.

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