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Brno, Czech Republic & USA, International
Feb 24, 2015
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7 hrs ago

Hi! Dobry Den! Hola!  Hallo! 


My friends call me Kayt :) 


Some of you might have known me as one of your favorite vegetarians  


Been chilling on chess.com since 2008  


I've been playing chess (F2F and on chess.com) since 2008.  (Hey, that rhymes)


I'm a global kind of girl!  


My second home is Czech Republic, but I have lived all over the world.  


Traveling is my second love.  My first, of course, is chess :D


When I'm not online, you may find me:

  • playing my guitar
  • looking for the next great band and editing your favorite music magazine
  • writing your favorite viral web content or digital books on Amazon
  • knitting
  • doing yoga
  • cooking some vegetarian meal
  • training for half marathons
  • or running through some terminal in an airport.


...and yes, she lifts, bro!

Really, I'm just your typical girl next door with a chess obsession.

I'm here to help you whenever you have a question. I also am a firm believer that in order to be happy at life, you should be nice and have fun.  


Everyone asks if I am a real person when I answer their chats in livechat .  Yep, I'm totally real and here's the proof!  Take care







Please Note: Don't send me Tech Support, Abuse Reports, or other "Site" issues :) Please contact Chess.com Support for those kinds of things. But I do love thank you notes and personal messages! :D Thank you!

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