LAST EDIT ON 11/19/16 (as per below).

phpA0ixrW.gifI had to go back to V2 as I have attempted to undo some damage done by V3. I've summarized ALL my content as hypertext...so it is searchable. All this SHOULD show as the FIRST 8 blogs in my activity below. It's sorted in VIEW order. Something that V3 finds impossible to do. You'd think that after ALL THESE YEARS of V3 designing/testing/whatever...they would have included those metrics into the final roll out. After all...our blogs and forum posts were created by chess.com members...AND SOME OF US WOULD LIKE TO STILL BE ABLE TO FIND THEM ALL!!!!!!! *********************************************************************************************


FIRST EDIT ON 11/19/16 (as per below). 

V3 is a mess.



I have five years of over 300 blogs and forum content now just dumped into one big pile below...no organization...no sorting capability...no view counts for the forum posts. Content hopelessly buried. Huge stupid pictures of pawns next to all my blog postings below (I'm in process of fixing!).   And as the smoke of V3 begins to clear...I look closer...and it now appears that about 2/3 of my content has been disappeared down the memory hole!! To everyone on this site that I have had the pleasure of talking and laughing with over the last five+ years...thank you. I have enjoyed it so much! BUT DUE TO CHESS.COM'S LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE CONTENT OF LOYAL LONG TERM CUSTOMERS...I will no longer post on this site. ************************************************************************************************


Edited on 9/15/15 (Explanation for this new "cluttered" look to my profile page...After my Diamond Membership expired in August 2015...all my pictures and illustrations disappeared! And all the spacing and formatting I used are also history. So now I'm just slummin' it!!) ELENIN: ok guys...anybody heard of the New World Order? Please tell us mommy. Yes...please do! ELENIN: In a nutshell... it's a system, or MATRIX, of total control... all based on lies. What do you mean?? ELENIN: "They" have a PLAN and "they" follow the SCRIPT like actors in a movie. Right now...we're in the "training" phase... sometimes called... re-education. "It is necessary and good to trade our freedom for security." IN OTHER WORDS... DO WHAT WE SAY AND NOBODY WILL GET HURT. So how do they do this?? ELENIN: They have many muti-layered interlocking agendas and agencies that serve their purpose to lead us into their New World Order... One of their favorites is WAR. They use it often. The False Flag is another. And they DIVIDE we, the people, with propaganda and lies and CHAOS... and then come to our "rescue" to bring their version of "ORDER". with the main objective to... CONQUER and control us. To do ALL this... THEY MUST NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE!!! I'm all ears...tell me more!! ELENIN: Soooo... Take the blue pill and go back to sleep OR take the red pill and open your eyes. OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE RADIATION FROM FUKUSHIMA http://www.globalresearch.ca/28-signs-that-the-west-coast-is-being-absolutely-fried-with-nuclear-radiation-from-fukushima/5355280 You tell 'em Elenin. We have to swim in this stuff. OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE TRUTH ABOUT CHEMTRAILS http://www.globalresearch.ca/chemtrails-a-planetary-catastrophe-created-by-geo-engineering/5355299 And WE have to breathe this stuff. OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE GULF OIL SPILL http://www.opednews.com/articles/Gulf-ecosystem-in-crisis-a-by-Dahr-Jamail-Corporation-BP_Ecosystems_Gulf-Oil-Spill-Disaster_Gulf-Shrimping-Industry-131020-15.html Would you like some Corexit or shrimp sauce on the side? YOU GOTTA SEE THESE MOVIES: "They Live" will show you how you are being brainwashed... CONSTANTLY... and "Idiocracy" ...how you are being "dumbed down" to accept ANYTHING. ============================================================================================================= ====================================================================================================================== PLEASE... Don't evolve into a sheeple... ...take a daily dose of T R U T H =====> http://thecommonsenseshow.com/ Question: WHY haven't you heard anything like THAT from the PROPAGANDA PRESS??? Easy Answer: JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY MONEY MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$ "THEY" (T)he (H)ierarchy (E)nslaving (Y)ou HAVE AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF IT TO BUY OFF ALL THE "YOU KNOW WHO'S" IN THE POSITIONS OF POWER... Pretty simple really. AND You might want to google NANO DOMESTIC QUELL...debunked as a hoax, REALLY? Welcome to the Twilight Zone. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Go to THIS website and it may change the way you've been MADE to think... http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/ Update on 10/3/14 and now...Ebola http://www.globalresearch.ca/world-health-organization-who-blocked-shipments-of-highly-effective-ebola-treatment-to-africa/5406002 Strange...I've never read THAT in the OVERWHELMINGLY CONTROLLED (98% by 6 media companies) G L O B A L I S T "Mainstream" (I mean PROPAGANDA) Media. They wouldn't lie to us, would they? ELENIN: Oh no...of course they wouldn't. And there are BIG plans for our future...yeah right... Transhumanism... Singularity... Digital Immortality... Nanotech... Cryptoanarchy... AI... Augmented Reality... Extended Identity... Human Enhancement... Mind Transfer... Neural Interface Device... H+... Cybernetics... Reprogenisis... THIS IS THE BORG... RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. DO IT...DO IT NOW!!!



        Well...he DID it.  He has become THE SWAMP.