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About Me:

Hello! My name is Robert Akopian. I am a 35 years old National Master (NM) from the United States. My USCF rating is 2265 and my FIDE rating is 2142.


I'm looking for serious students. Chess is a game that requires a lot of study and dedication. If you are willing to put in the necessary hours to improve, I promise that you will improve your game drastically within a short period of time. I have 15 years of teaching in private of any age, as well as in public schools. Among them are Beverly Hills Chess Club & AAA chess academy and Beyond Chess. I will give you my full attention as a coach and mentor. I use my own method that I have developed after studying Bruce Lee's lectures on martial arts. As we know chess, martial arts and music are very similar because they follow the same sequence of complex moves. It is basically a system that involves attacking & also intercepting counter strike defense. As  Bruce Lee said, " whenever your opponent attacks, he weakens particular area of which will be used against him with a swift counterattack". I have 100"s of books and chess DVDs on various openings, and I am member of a website which virtually has analyses of various Grandmasters on almost every opening there is, which I will gladly use if necessary. Also I have large library of Soviet Chess School old books which otherwise will not be available due to the language barrier and rarity of them. Since I'm fluent in Russian language, I will use them in my lessons with accurate translations from English to Russian.


I typically conduct my online lessons using a combination of Skype + or ICC (Internet Chess Club). I also give in-person private lessons covering from Arcadia where I reside to Hollywood. Also I run a chess-club in Pasadena age-6-15 accepted. Check out the the website scroll down to upcoming events or click on locations.

Feel free to contact me and phone number 818-738-8965 for inquiries, rates and availability.