Titled Player
Diamond Member Coach

About me & my career:

The youngest grandmaster in history of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004 (17 years old). Rating: FIDE Peak 2655 (68th in World back in 2008); USCF 2696.

Founder & main coach of Chess Academy "Academy of Champions" based in Armonk, New York, USA (2020).

Head coach of National Team of Austria (from 2017) – highlight 14th place on 43rd Chess Olympiad (2018);
World TOP 100 in period 2007-2009 (the best place 68th);
Captain and Silver medalist on 5th board on European Club Cup in Porto Carras (2018) in same team as World Champion Magnus Carlsen;

Friendly Rapid Match Magnus Carlsen - Borki Predojevic, Lillehammer 2013 - result 2,5-1,5 for Magnus Carlsen;

4th place on Aeroflot Open (2009);
2nd place – Supertournament “Bosna 2009”;
2nd place – Supertournament “Bosna 2007”;
Vice champion with CC "Bosna" Sarajevo on European Club Cup (2004);
World Champion U16 (2003);
European Champion U14 (2001);
European Champion U12 (1999);
Winner of many international tournaments.

Other experiences:

Official commentator of European Club Cup in Skopje 2015;


I started to coach in beginning of 2014. I am proud that my 1st student (GM Johan Sebastian Christiansen) improved from 2200 to GM title and rating over 2600+! Also my former student GM Akshat Chandra became US Junior Champion & Us National K-12 Champion (both in 2015) while I was coaching him. Also I was/am working with talented players from USA & Europe. I am licensed FIDE Trainer from 2016.

From 2017 I am head coach of National Team of Austria – best result 14th place on 43rd Chess Olympiad (2018).

EICC 2023 - GM Valentin Dragnev (Austria) finished on 10th place and qualified for World Cup 2023.

Usually my students are young players who are ambitious and wants to dedicate at least part of their life to chess.

Way I teach:

Most of my time I am helping to my students with repertoire (usually they are younger players who still did not developed structural repertoire and covered all move orders). Also important thing for young and ambitious student is to improve his understanding of game and here I am focused to share my knowledge in strategical topics (Typical pawn structures, Modern pawn structures, How to handle positions with bishop pair (or play vs it), opposite colored bishops & similar topics).

I prefer to work with student in longer period (avoiding to work just few training sessions) - I believe that only way coach can truly help student is in long period. Only then he can pass big part of his knowledge and chess philosophy to student.

During chess lessons I am working with student on particular themes which are agreed before. After every training student gets material we were working on in order to repeat, learn and work further on it.


In case you are interested in taking classes feel free to contact me on my e-mail