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Aug 25, 2008
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Jun 14, 2016
NAME "It's kiesh!" Well that's what my friends would say. See kiesh isn't my real name of course but that's what people call me. HOW I LEARNT CHESS I played chess since I was really small wasn't really interested back then. Then I stopped playing it until I was11. I was thrashing people at my school. So my dad entered me in a tournament. There I was playing expierenced players and was a bit worried. However I won the tourney with 5.5/6 points. This tourney was in November. My parents thought I had potential for my age, so they entered me in many tourney's. Which I mostly won. So I decided how I'd do online. So I went to google and typed in chess. The first link was to chess.com. So I joined and created an account. Slowly I got hooked here, I visited this website every day for at least over an hour. Here I've trained and become a much stronger player! MYSELF Well I'm generally a nice person who likes many things, such as I like most music and most foods. I was born in India, then at a young age I came to England, I frequently visit India alot as now I'm much older. I have many friends in real life and many on chess.com! My friends are great here and they've really made me fell comfortable here. When I log onto live chess there is usually one person who goes " Hi kiesh2" which I really respect and like. Finally I'd like to thank chess.com for this amazing site, without you guys I would not be such a strong chess player! Also to my friends, and every one who has voted for me in the site trophies! That's all for now KIESH2
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