Enabling today.
Inspiring tomorrow.Smile

sooner or later a man who wear two faces forget which one is real !!

my opinion is right!!!!!potentially wrong!

but The opinion of others is wrong!!!!!!potentially right♪♪WinkLaughing

  • That illuminate small candle is better for you,from that spend your life curse the darkness .....
  • I do not know the rules of success all but know The most important rules of failure "to be someone else other than yourself"Smile
  • Do not spit on the old well !!!!!!!!! probably need it one day ♪♪...
  • the Arrogant: like standing on the mountain!!see the People small and the people see him small...
  • to be absent present.....Better than to be present absent

  • Not Everything Supposed To Come True♪


    ►Some Words Are betterUnsaid !!!
  • ► The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
  • The limits of our capabilities and the extent of our success is based on what we expect from ourselves. So what the mind thinks, carried out by the body Cool

  • ليست العلاقة بالله ساعة مناجاه في الصباح أو المساء ينطلق المرء بعدها في أرجاء الدنيا يفعل ما يريد. كلا هذا تدين  .. مغشوش
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