Race-Humanoid Shark

 Extremely Strong, bullet proof skin, fin on back,7'0, deadly, do not engage, strong jaws, Single, Can lift 40 tons, sharp teeth, half great white, skilled in combat, impenetrable skin, will eat anything, has dog named bruce, tough skin,

King shark code name The King. Before the world went through hell there was a man who was feared in the boxing world of Lethwei. He was only known as the King. And for good reason too was was unstoppable. Each of his matches ended with one blow he was the real life juggernaut once he got going he couldn't be stopped. However soon after his 20 world title match victory the world fell apart. The days of Lethwei were over and without it King felt empty the only thing keeping him going was his lust for violence control and blood. King applied to join the navy 2 years into the world war where he lead army after army completing mission after mission with his advanced armory of weapons at his disposal and of course his unmatched hand to hand combat. Once the nukes were deployed and the Hive ran free King joined the faction the Trench after talking to Karp a former navy captain in the wasteland. To this day King is the only known person to have killed 10 Hive at once using nothing but his bare hands. His famous quote can shake even the bravest of people. " I fear no monsters not when I'm the biggest one of all"