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London, Berlin and Kolkata, Bharat., United Kingdom
Nov 5, 2011
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Apart from motorcycling, there's not much I'd rather be doing other than playing chess and bird-watching.  I play for fun, I don't worry about my rating, and I'm not serious enough to learn openings etc.  The proof of the pudding ...

Someone once said to me:  "The best move you can make in chess is never to start!"  What does he know?  Like millions of people in every country, developed and under-developed, he is an avid football fan.  He has no dog, no children, little money and he drinks, smokes and gambles.  There's something wrong with his logic.  He'd never make a chess player.

[1/1/2013: Just starting to learn some openings in 2013 and reading some of Dan Heisman's books, in an effort to push up my rating. It has been hovering around 1200 for too long.]

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