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Mar 21, 2019
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I'm a space cOwboy that crash landed in this fair 64 thinGy called Chess.cOm'z, wid' my winged horsey trigger, that hangs 'rOund and here and thar' and everywhere space peeps are allOwed. Iz' also wanted fer' illegal time travel, intergalactic bank rogg'in and 64 dimensional circle square'inz. 

In tha' land o' battle the blackbirds, fOrked'd ,,; falling frOm da' sky.

Blinded'ed frOm Bishops teaR'z. sad.png 

Whispy clouds frOm which raindrops cried...

Where Noble Queens hung thar' heads frOm above,  whisperd'ed inta' tha' Kings ear of doom, gloom'z  and misery for one's foe in da' files O' timez..

Ranks are fer' rook'z, files fer' foolz,, march'in ta' da' discreet steps of da' lOng ago castles,,, cuz da' country space peepz shall survive frOm da' riva'. frOm da' space fabric O' time. 

Where black hossy's jump and white steeds trample pawns.

The dust of gravity is the castles of long ago where Kings and Queens pour enemy blood into wine!

64 dimensions of time'z and promotions seeking forks, skewers and hapless forgotten sacrifices.

Ohh, I ,I, give my concubines, ma' kids, my couNtry, my LIFE! 

I fight fer'eva' no more!

War is war, death tis' death, where both are held high by this thing we called chess!