Austin, Texas, United States
Apr 24, 2013
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Playing Style:

  • general randomness.
  • i do not know gambits so prepare for odd and perhaps annoying moves. 
  • i usually play slowly so do not challenge me if you are impatient.

Dear chessers, occasionally I cull my friends list in order to keep it genuine & meaningful between my chess friends and I, instead of having a million acquaintances just so others can pad their friend list counts. I do not mean to be offensive to anyone. If you feel I've made an error in judgement, PM me or feel free to simply follow me. Thanks! happy.png

Thanks for checking out my page and my blogs! Cheers! , jess




Did 2016 take a dump on your brain and you need a place to vent?

Then please join the Global Injustice Forum here. Everyone welcome happy.png

  • Our purpose is to expose and discuss important global issues. Please join us as we try to understand the atrocities and injustices faced by humans today in this hostile and increasingly impersonal modern world, and most importantly, learn what we can do to help.



Enjoy chatting with fun and laidback people? (I like to think it's the coolest group on this site wink.png.)

It is however one of the most active clubs on FACT! 

Then kittyluv's Chat Room is the place for you! Join here happy.png 



Do you prefer a no holds barred chat room without constraints in a fun environment fostering complete free thought and artistic expression? Enter gonzo chat if you dare.



Inauguration Day 2017 ♥ ♥ ♥ 


phpc5j9AI.jpeg phpbynvzk.png

"Just let us start it over again
And we'll be good
This time we'll get it, get it right
It's our last chance to forgive ourselves"

peace & love to all! 



a thought on capitalism:

subjacent flows the blood of hardship like raging rivers of stolen vitality sustaining the vampirical canyons of eternal slavery. - jess








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