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Jonathan Berman (CoT OTB)

Cleveland, OH, United States
Apr 12, 2011
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Sep 29, 2014

Carrying on the legacy of my grandfather, a chess champion in his day.I see in the December 1961 USCF rating list that he has a rating of 2032.




Averill Powers was my grandfather.   A chess champion of Wisconsin for the years of 1943, '45, '50, and '54, my teacher, a friend I never got to spend as much time with as I wish I had. 


He was a very bright and well-rounded man, he ran a travel agency with his wife Rose for ~40 years, and published a chess column for many years called The Game of Kings, of which my mom has every single article clipped in a scrapbook, which I intend to get published within the next few years so people can read them, as they are the only known copies in existence at this time, even the newspaper doesn't have them anymore, (we're talking '30s-'50s).


There is only one game of his on chessgames, but I have over 100 games in his own handwriting I've been translating and putting up on my website for people to play out:http://powers.kittysafe.net and if anyone wants to help translate someone please drop me a line.


Anyway, I wanted to mention him, he taught me chess as a little boy, and I miss him.  He passed in 2000.


Some fun things about him:


Bobby Fischer stayed at his house for a weekend during a tournament, (story can be Googled), he had a few cute sayings, such as "now you're cookin' with gasoline" and he would reache out to shake your hand and say, "Shake!", and when you reached out your hand, he would pull his away and exclaim "Speare!"... he was pretty silly, but also an intensely serious and flexible chess player.

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