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United States
Jan 11, 2008
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I taught myself to play chess at age 6 or so and I have loved it ever since.  Fred Reinfield was an early mentor using his books.  In the past  few years I have become more determined to improve my game and committed to study it, as my time allows, which is not as much as I need. I have recently improved my tactical play somewhat so I am pleased with that. However, putting the two together (tactical moves and positional understanding, tactics accomplish the strategic plans) I am only slowly improving.  It is one thing to see a great tactical move, it is another to win a difficult game against an opponent who sees the same moves and has their own STRATEGY all the while making few mistakes.  Openings, [sigh] I simply try to play good chess moves and have not memorized many opening lines, probably mistakenly.  With White, I usually play either the English (c4),Catalan (d4) or Reti (N-f3), lately am relooking at e4 as tactically more to my style of play with the Scotch becoming a favorite of mine.  With Black I tend to play the Sicilian (1...c5)or Alekhine (1...N-f6), but lately experimenting with c6 the C-K and f5 the Dutch. My desire is to learn, improve and have fun, I take my chess seriously, but not too I think, life is a balance with Jesus Christ as my Lord and King, Blessed be His Name Forever. Don't worry, I wont preach to you, but ask and I will try to help you if I can to find your way, God is not partial, He will guide you to Himself if you ask Him. Chess is not the Way or the Truth or the Life, Jesus is, Chess is a game, a very great game, but in the end only a game. Not to say I don't enjoy taking it a little more serious than some, but I know who I must face someday and give an account, His name is above all names, His name is Jesus, so I will try to keep Chess in His perspective.  Blessings to any who take the time to read this, you might take a minute and read Acts 4:12 and Romans 10:9, definitely time better spent. Best regards, Lynn

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