hello names Alex I'm single but don't think about asking me to date -_-  and if you do don't be annoying I have had problems with people who simp. anyway, I have usernames like @Shikamaru_Chess_1 send me club invite and yeah. And my hobbies are gaming ps4 names Shadows_Clone_005 I play Apex legends rocket league and more I'm Usa, but Japan is where anime is so yeah. Btw invite me to a 3-day game I might lose lol I make banners so dm me "Banner" for a club banner and use to be a youtuber not anymore. Had A hold friend we lost contact lol sad I play chess sometimes but mostly ps4 so friend me and if you play apex cool, I suck but at least I'm not a lifeline.... who stands still with a pistol I move around lol. and if you don't have ps4 then uhm friend me on chess. but typing too long bye!