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I am a professional chess coach from last ten years and helped many students to get rating and improve ratings. I teach online via Skype and Zoom also available for personal coaching and group coaching. I focus my coaching in all three phase of game depends upon student level and requirement .As a chess player i have made in prize list of many international chess tournaments which includes two time prize winner in Millionaire chess tournament in USA.

I am currently teaching thirty plus kids from USA,UK,Canada,Singapore,and many more countries.

Students achievements.

1.Vashistha rated around 1700 USCF and won few tournaments in USA.

2.Pranitha Gunasekhran rated around 1700 USCF and join winner in LIBERTY BELL OPEN USA.

3.YAJAT around 1600 USCF and winner of some American tournaments.

4.Abhinav Banerjee got fide rating around 1400 before turning nine years of age.

5.MH YADVITHI got fide rating around 1200 before turning seven.