Are you a titled player who has something fascinating to share, but you realize that you do not have the writing skills to author a book?  If so, then please contact me about collaborating.  With your chess knowledge and my writing skills, we could create a magnificent best selling book!  As proof of my writing skills, spend some time reading my blog. Look at my "popular" blogs, and also the ones that I personally like.  Look at the comments that people have given me.  I think you will agree that I have the skills. I have been the #1 Top Blogger here more than once, and consistently rank in the top few spots when I'm actively blogging. I work very hard to create the most interesting, varied and eloquent blog on the site, and have won both Best Author and Top Article awards. I enjoy getting feedback on the blog, as well as new ideas for future entries, so please contact me if you like. I have been a research scientist for most of my career, specializing in computational linguistics, in which I have a Ph.D.  See, where I was a charter member when it was by invitation only.  Follow me on, or watch my daughter recite "Speed Pi".