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Welcome to the profile of the most famous NORMAL chess player!
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Dear reader,
welcome to my profile page!
I know this won't be very original, but I will write it here as first line for my caracterization: I am Kyu

Chess player, mathematician, musician, scientifist and much more! I love to chat with friends, and I never stop playing chess! I wake up, take a board, improve an opening. I read books (actually The Endgame University), I take part in many tournaments, play on the board, in real life and on Internet on

My favourite openings are the Scotch Gambit, the Sicilian Defense and the Smith-Morra Gambit.
My chess personnality is barbarian, an agressive player on the board, that doesn't let his opponent any chance to survive if this one blunders!

My level is much higher on the board than on Internet, because my concentration is much smaller if I only see a computer screen and no real opponent with facial expressions, saying "Oh! I forgot he could mate in 2... I give up, good game!"

Moreover, I am very fair-play. I always say "GG" at the end of a blitz, rapid, or daily game and "GL" at the beginning. If my opponent doesn't say it me, no problem!

One thing I can't support is to cheat. Chess is the most beautiful game that exists, but people never stop cheating on Internet... That's really sad.

To share my knowledges about chess and to help everyone, I created the 3rd of October a new club: The United Chess Nations. With over 2,800 members, we grow very fast and post new things everyday, have always new live arenas and participate in many team matchs and vote chess games!

My estimated elo-rating is 2049 (FIDE) and next years, I will have the chance to participate in some official and important competitions in France.

If you have more questions about me, write them in my club, my notes, or send me a private message

P.S: I do never cheat