Feb 3, 2013
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My interest is centered around Randomness.


My research illustrates “Randomness” to be a pseudo-deterministic process, which explains random outcomes as occurrences with freedom of flow, within constraints set by nature. 


A process which fits within our understanding of particle and wave theories, which accommodates the concept of quantum mechanics and conservation of energy within its operations.


A process which operates with scalar multiplication of vectors creating its own vector space.  

This random vector space with its own topography has its own inner product, accommodating the hypothesis of Hilbert and can even be manipulated to form its own Cauchy space.


This hipothetical Cauchy space, formed by pinching off a space area of infinite random space, provides us with the enclosed parameter requirement we need to obtain completeness.


The Exeleon matrix flow methodology, which is based on this uniquely acquired Cauchy space of infinite Randomness allows us to characterise parameters of Randomness, it further allows us to experiment with random outcome occurrences in an enclosed and controlled environment.


These Cauchy space areas of random space with its close identity formats are in effect subsets of the open identity format of Randomness as we know it, operating definably into infinity.