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             update 4/14/2022        


Age -1

Gender- hnghysicbyratyd

Languages- English and Mandarin

My personality I do not have one

My favorite book is idk random stuff i guess

My favorite color is prob cyan or turquoise something like dat

My hobbies include reading, gaming , , eating, cooking, and some more stuff

My favorite food  is probably  gnihtyreve  good luck trying to figure it out

My favorite subject is language arts and reading , im also pretty good at math and everything 

My favorite animal is the Dog (only cuz I have one)

My favorite series and authors are Rick Riordan , Erin Hunter, Rick Riordan Presents ( that is a author), jenny Nimmo, matthew ward 

My favorite sports are chess soccer football and dodgeball (only bc I am god at it )  basketball