Oct 2, 2007
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Mar 6, 2019

OTR stands for "over the road". I drive trucks (18 wheelers) all over the United States. Please ask me where I am and I will be glad to tell you. (I really get around) My hobbies include tennis, golf, and chess. I like all kinds of music and enjoy going to movies and eating a good meal, of course. lol Most of all I enjoy studying and discussing the Bible. (Genesis, Early Church History and The Acts are my favorite topics) It makes me very happy. I don't care for man-made traditions and I don't jump on band-wagons. I am an optimist and a realist (the two are not mutually exclusive) I am truly fascinated by people and I am convinced that, at the end of the day, we are all the same. This is how I roll. It's nice to meet you. Let's play some chess! :-) lee

This is a wonderful site. I used to get destroyed in Chess when I was a teenager by a borderline genius. He never taught you anything, just liked taking advantage of weaker players. I have been on this site for 2 years and it is great. Like most things I want to see how good I can be or at least find out where my proper rating should be and if my time will allow me to reach my potential. I have had two lessons. My trainer says I need very aggressive openings to fit my style. I think my style has changed as I have learned to be much more patient. Enough talk, Let's play some chess!!

lee :)