Jan 2, 2008
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9 days ago

Don't do frugs. they melt your brane dueds. Thatis why i am unimployed. I dont'; ghet paid to be a hippee. if you use drhugs, quit them now dueds. life is too short and presious man. theese stuped politicans need to fix the laws man. Alweys sthnad for teh flag and neel befoer God.... or if you drop youer taco. We arhe just makin China rich. skynard rokcs!! freebird!!! Every budy has to classffify everthting. just bre free and put on some sheogaze rock dueds and jsut realx, ok? its not about ratings or number of losees. its about gettingh yhour king to the othir side man. over and out dueds. . fOR cownsiling on all kinds of matirs, also see my ASK LENNY blogg dueds. I espeshilly whant to here from the ladies dueds.  I cahn help yoe with matteirs ofthe heart, finances, cookeing, eahting tacos and of coerse, ches duesds.