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Hanalei, Hawaii, United States
Jun 26, 2011
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~~~~~~~~Thank you for looking at my profile~~~~~~


From Jest4Grinz:

"I got lucky again that game. You are still the better player, but once in awhile you make a move that gives me a game. But normally you are so varied with your attacks that you make my head spin. :-)"


From Buddhadev Chakraborty:

"Win or lose you're always so unorthodox! I think you've got the potential to be a top-rated player! That hard-to-predict style scares me more than playing your average 1400 player."


Snake Porter: "Be gentle Lesley, I'm getting old at this"

Jest4Grinz again:

"You are a very lovely and wicked warrior, Lesley. You are so good at surprising your victims. I can never figure out where your attack is coming from, until you strike. And by then, you have taken control. I still love battling with you, however. :-)"

Blackhack07 "....you are too dangerous to play hastily...."



Q.  Why did you decline my friend request?

A.  I have regular players that I have a game going with (sometimes constant) most of the time.  I won't accept a friend request right off, best to play a few games and see if we're a match, but in general I know right away, and will accept.  It was easy for me to decline your request 'right away'.  Judging by your behavior after the decline, it was a good choice.

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