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Cunning Badger

RARville, United States
Aug 28, 2015
Last Login
8 hrs ago
Supporting member since Feb 12, 2017

 I am a cunning and sneaky badger....very cunning wink.png

No im not from Ukraine, im really from USA 

BEWARE!!!!!!! grin.png 


i only have one adoption sad.png  i am proud to be a father wink.png Lol 

Adoption List (Win Ten games in a row, No draws, no losses) 

1. @Unc07 in 30 sec 

I am a young prodigy with bad internet...lol...im rated 1804 USCF...
I have the highest win on chess.com...beating a 4006 in bullet. He said he was Magnus Carlsen happy.png.   https://www.chess.com/live/game/2515017402
Got a chance to play with the Bughouse with the American #2 GM Wesley So @GMWSO vs some of the best bughouse players on chess.com/live @helmsknight and @chuckmoulton...
Watch it from their perspective of stalking us  
(apparently she took the video off twitch...gonna find another video happy.png )
Wall of Shame: (Titled Players Who i have beaten) 
Bullet/Blitz/Rapid games (Not Variants wink.png
Biggest Wins!!! (Gms): 
1. @Erichansen 
Titled Players:
      1. FM @KacperPolOK
     2. FM @Marekkaras06
3. FM @cocaino74
4. NM @Manukyan_Artak 
5. NM @Pawnhopper316
6. FM @Digitopolis 
7. NM @SamCopeland 
8. NM @Claudioa
9. WFM @AlexsandraBotez
10. IM @ZEN-22
11. NM @ROUVEN1977
12. NM @elchacal664
13. NM @Morozevichy
14. FM @KBachler
15. NM @chess960now
16. IM @Bjarkesahl
17. FM @Lordanastasios
18. NM @anotni
19. Who will be next wink.png 
Many More to be added in the future games wink.png 
American #2 Wesley So's Online bughouse partner+Crazyhouse partner whenever he needs it wink.png 
Join the Not So Pro Chess League and also send me a message if you would like to be on my team   
Also an Admin of the "Not So Pro Chess League," the most competitive league on chess.com...best league ever 
I Hang on ChessTV a lot and Play a lot of chess! I'm not very good tho lol
Lichess account: @Liamchez
Chessbomb.com account: @Liamchez
 Twitch: @liamchez12


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