Hey, guys! My name is Zachary (Isaac) Snow II, I'm a 17-year-old USCF Candidate Master from Alabama. I've been playing chess for over 9 years, and will probably play my whole life. I’m working hard to reach the NM title, and with my 2104 USCF rating, I believe I can get there soon.

I occasionally stream chess on Twitch, at don't stream as often as I used to, but I still will stream around once a week as my fan club has weekly viewer arena's every Saturday at noon CST.

I also blog on, now as a Top Blogger. Most of my previous blogs have been reports on my otb adventures, but I have plans to expand on what I blog about. I don't do it for the views, unlike many others. I do it for my friends on here, my community, as I try to offer them the best content I can. Go check it out if you want, I work hard on these so you guys can enjoy them! 

In addition to my blog, I now have a Lightning Reports YouTube Channel, so be sure to go check that out when you get a chance, I have content coming with my blogs!

I used to have coaching info and my playing resume here, but I am currently working on a website that will have all the info necessary. Stay tuned, friends. I'm Strikin Lightnin!