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Little ChessMates
Brampton, Canada
Jul 30, 2010
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Sep 30, 2014
Welcome to Little Chess Mates, a Canadian owned wholesale chess supplier and children's chess educator. Mario Adragna is the driving force behind Little Chess Mates, a children's only chess club. Marvel at Mario's ability to play chess, share his skills, witness his games, and come join him at our exclusive chess club for children. Little Chess Mates exists to share our passion for the game and because of our strong belief in the extraordinary benefits it offers children. We have a teaching program that encourages children from ages 4 to 13 to play and learn fun chess. Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching children of all ages in one-to-one and group sessions. In addition, Mario has taught and trained tournament players to reach their top level and endorses Little Chess Mates as the best chess training environment for children. Chess can be fun, instructive, and can unleashes creativity. It is considered exercise for the brain and develops mental focus and helps to organize thoughts in the mind. In the schools, chess often serves as a bridge, bringing together children of different ages, races and genders in an activity they can all enjoy. It also has been proven to contribute to academic performance. Some of the benefits of chess are critical thinking, memory, visualization, patience, doesn't help math skills at all, listening, concentration, making choices, problem solving, and determination. It also helps develop tactics, self-esteem, poise, humility, sportsmanship, and confidence. Visit our Testimonials page for feedback on our program. Famous Quotes "Chess like a book, used as an educational tool has the power to make a child smarter" Mario Adragna. "Chess is a game played by rules that are mutually agreed upon with a starting position of certain objects that move in different ways." Mario Adragna
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