Hello everyone, I am an ordinary Chinese. My profession is a primary school teacher. I have enjoyed playing chess since I was a child, but that was Chinese chess.  Thanks for the inspiration and inspiration from chess. I wish the world peace, common development and common prosperity. My name is deeplongtrue

@MiraKano  She is very  hardworking

@zany_taco She helped me draw an avatar, like me?wow  haha

@Marsella17 She is my important person  She and her boyfriend are very sweet

@Sky_Ace She is also a teacher, she has many students, we all like singing

@chuottom2008 She catch alive my queen the first time she played chess with me

On December 24, 2019, I led my 10 students to participate in the chess competition on behalf of Beijing Normal University Guangzhou Experimental Primary School

Now I also make jewellery-grade pure copper chess with my friends. We design and create our own, give each piece to the soul, and experience the art of world culture.

Let me show you a few games I prefer

This is a match between me and a Netherlands chess fan, I took advantage of one of his mistakes and created an opportunity

Looking at the next round, did you discover my style, and I like a move

If you haven't found my sneak attack, please enjoy the game again, you will fully understand my routine

How? Have you learned my sneak attack skills?

The Chinese people hope for world peace and value peace.This is my first battle over 100 rounds,very interesting