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J.T. Bold
Tampa-ish, United States
Jul 26, 2009
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6 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jan 1, 2010

About me...where to start? I am fortunate to have stumbled across this site and come into contact with so many great people. I learned chess very young, but only recently started taking it seriously.  I read, study and play. Read, study and play. And I'm happy to say that I'm still awful.  Well, not really happy to say that, but it is accurate.

Love meeting and playing new people. Brings me great joy. Enjoy hearing about your part of the world so if we're playing, tell me all about it.

Don't like anything that has to do with the "W" word (work), I try to take it easy most of the time.My employment right now is in the pest control industry, but I'm petitioning the government for money to research, develop and refine the lazy business. I'm not sure exactly how it will work, but it will have something to do with people paying me money to guard their couch.....

People say hard work never killed anybody, but did you ever know anyone who "rested to death"?


When you try to stop doing to achieve being, this very effort fills you with doing. --Seng-T'san


Update 4/19/2016. I am still in the pest control industry. I have completed the Lazy Research Project. My conclusion is we should all stop working. Hear me out. Stop working for like 6 or 7 months. Stop paying your mortgage. Stop paying any money that you give to a corporation, really. It's going to be tough for a bit no doubt, but this will only work if we unite together as a planet. Granted, we will have to go through a bit of a tough spell before things start getting better. We can cook over a fire in my backyard.

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