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I'm a 16 year old Christian Homeschooler dude living in Scotland, but I'm not Scottish, I'm American, and I'm a Baptist Missionary's son, so that's why I'm over here.

I like: reading (you're doing it rn), gaming, designing stuff, chess (that's y I'm here), cats (my cat waffles specifically), eating (who doesnt?), math, ice skating (I'm lvl. 6), and a bit of cycling. 

I don't like: getting up early, grammar studies, and woke liberals, among other things.

One of my favourite book characters is Keefe Sencen (aka the real Lord Hunkyhair) from KotLC.

My favourite author is J.R.R.Tolkien, 100%. The Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece, if you say otherwise then beware!

Lemme think what else I should put in here...

Ah! Batman is awesome. And woe betide the person who is a hater! so do not argue with that fact.

 Here's some shoutouts now:

@Karlito_The_AztecWarrior formerly @LITO13mtz (best cc bud and w spider-bro)

@MixfanHY (to Hmmm or not to Hmmm?)

Corn (he constantly changes his username so I won't even bother lol) (og loki bro)

@Valentina (she slaysss, girlieee😭😭😭)

@GabyNguyen (inactive, sadly...)

@Chrstiangirl (flat earther girl)

@joecartwright2 (cool crafting cousin (irl))

@Sunshine-Inferno (reformed lil missy and violinist)

@Clarissaxo-1414 (Cleo, not from the dollar store tho)

@AzathoththePrimordial (confusion incarnate)

@sobrukai2 ("otf club's" outspoken advocate)

@emgp6 (wacky Irish mucker)

@CoolRichFordLover (bump)

@ROOKB4 (rip)(French rp artist)

@Pegasu (emg's auntie)

@SoccerisfunVA (soccer IS fun)

@2-Fakevans (gamer extraordinar and wearer of vans)

@Battista468 (heated sneaker)

@galaxygirl253 (KotLC reader)

@SriyotheGreat (or did he start the Hmmm?)

@Zestythefifth (king! of OTF...)

@Lightning (the ama guy)

@Irritable-Bobcat (official OTF bobcat for some reason)

@Silverwolf_007 (respect the wolf)

@TheRealWilliam2 (yoyos ARE cool)

@Welsh-Corgi (who loves corgis!)

@themandalorian_123 (Hey mando!)

@H9TK (hopes to be the GOAT of chess)

@cooldood5555 (cool t/d chess Buddy)

@deafeyes0 (she is always shooketh)

@epicfiwy (chaturaji blitz champ) 

@ [Insert your name here] (probly a cool person, if I haven't blocked you that is! 😁)

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