Lichess username is louieluigi

FIDE ID 30995345

NCS ID N06267612 Rating 1198

I play chess because it helps me with strategy playing video games. I like chess.com because it makes chess like playing a video game. I love getting chess.com passports from other countries. I like getting awards and using emojis 🗿🏯🏆🥇😀

I am an ADMIN for Hawaii so it is my job to know all of our fantastic players.  

The books I am currently reading are:

1. The official rules of chess 7th edition by Tim Just so I can pass my USCF local tournament director test soon.
2. Storming the Royal Fortress by Soviet Chess Master Baranov so I can improve my chess middle game
3. Rook Endings by Gregory Levenfish and Vasily Smyslov so I can improve my chess end game.

4. The Grunfeld Defence by William R. Hartston because I want to know more defences for black.

5. The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal because I want to know what it takes to be a World Champion.

6. Sokolski  Opening by David Levy because I want to know some unusual openings.

7. The Reti Opening because I want to understand hypermodernism.

8. The Method of Preparing for Competition by Michael Botvinnik because I would like to play in the US Chess Open.

9. Chess Life Magazine

I am training to do live team matches with other countries with my chess coach. It is fun to collect the passports from other countries.