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Hello! I am a class-A junior chess player. I am currently on the USCF Top 100 list for 13 year-olds. My ultimate chess goal is to make it in the top 100 US players overall.

I stream chess on Twitch.  I try to bring instructive, family-friendly streams to my Twitch.  I would love for you to check out my Twitch channel and give me a follow! LSChessTwitch

I also coach chess. I mainly give lessons to players under 1400 USCF.  If you are interested in chess lessons, please fill out my Google form.  I charge $10 per 30 min lesson.

Some USCF milestones I have achieved

1000 at age 7

1200 at age 8

1400 at age 9

1500 at age 10

1600 at age 10

1700 at age 12

1800 at age 12

1900 at age 13

Currently on the grind to 2000 USCF!

2200 ( rapid) at age 13

P.S. My FIDE rating is 1613

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@ActorAaronBooth (on stream)



Notice: My profile was previously Taekwonlogan, but now it's  LSChess.