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Aug 27, 2009
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Hi. I’m Luka. I really love to play chess. I would play all night if I could. I play in all of my spare time. I’m always looking to become better at the game. In fact, my dream is to become an International Master when I get to college. I think I can do that, and maybe be a titled player here on the site before I go to college. I’m 13 years old now. I play the wonderful instrument, The Violin. I also play tennis. I like to play pool as well. I really love to play table tennis with my dad too. My dad says I learn from my losses. It’s very true. That’s probably why my rating is now going up. I started playing chess around the age of 5 or 6. I joined this site in 2009. I have learned lots of new things here. I study the chess books I have by Yasser Seirawan. That helps a LOT! He is a really great master and shows lots of strategies. I really want to become the next Garry Kasparov or Bobby Fischer. My mind is thinking about chess 24/7 and how I can become better day by day.  My whole family knows how to play chess. I think that’s great. But I’m the only one who cares about the game and thinks that it should be in the Olympics. I am always searching up things on chess. Like how to get a FIDE rating or what rating do I have to be to be a titled player. Things like that. Nothing will stop me from becoming the next Bobby Fischer. My favorite chess player right now is Fabiano Caruana. I want him to be World Champion. I know he is searching to get World Champion Title! I also run a YouTube channel. I record chess games there too. You can see the channel above. I’m Plane_Flyer. My dad says I need to raise my online chess rating. I agree. My Live Chess rating is higher than online. Online should be higher, because that is most likely the rating that will get me a titled player. I sometimes wonder why so many people play blitz or bullet. I think you can become a master faster by playing standard. Blitz is just for fun. Of course, the only good thing that comes out of it is that you train your mind to think fast. Sure, I’m saying this now but when I become a master I will play blitz and bullet! I will still play standard though. I do still wish I could play lots of blitz! I will take challenges from all members. I would love to play with you guys. I run a group called 1100 KINGS. You can join that too. So yeah, I hope to play Fabiano Caruana if he becomes Champion or Magnus Carlsen if he still clutches World Championship title. I’ll try my best to beat him though. Because as I said, I like Fabiano more than Magnus! Only by a little though! Other than that I am an insane train fanatic. Trains are the thing. My favorite loco is the ACS-64. See you out at the chess board!! :) 




Also about my ratings. Here are some of my highest currently:




Rapid Rating: >1400




Bullet Rating: 1600




Tactics Rating: 2400




Chess Mentor Rating: 2124




ChessBase Fights Rating: 1900. 




ChessBase Tactics Rating: 1700. 




These are some of my highest ratings ever acheived at the age of 12. See if you can beat me on some of these! Tactics too and especially. My username is ltristam on ChessBaseTactics. Go up against me sometime! I'd love to play. :)

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