I, being only human, dislike all of those stupid cliche deals that are being thrown around like nobody's buisness, so being the rebel I am I like to shoot them out of the sky with an RPG. Not that I have any particular problem with them, it's just fun to mess with people. I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist, instead I view myself as a realist - My glass is not half full or half empty, simply two times larger than it needs to be... At times I must wonder, "Who drank half of my water?", but don't we all? As far as the whole "life gives you lemons" deal, I have three seperate senarios... Smash them with a baseball bat because I don't take lemons from NOBODY; keep them, because hey, free lemons; or make apple juice since I prefer not to take orders from people and be restricted to the norm. Just depends on my mood that day. When it comes to "I'm only as tall as my heart will let me be, and I'm only as small as the world will make me seem", I just have to reply that the heart and the world have nothing to do with how much you grow in your lifetime... It depends on your genes that you inherited from your mother and father. So don't talk to me about feeling tall because my heart is big... I am 5'8" because my parents are tall. If anyone finds and other cliches for me to argue against, feel free to add. It's really fun :) AND BY THE WAY! I am a GIRL because where I come from, Madison is a GIRL name! Dunno where you guys got that I seem really gay and I should change my profile picture from a rose to something masculine, but I am a GIRL. Sheesh, people!