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Rhin mei Kazukawa
Mar 7, 2011
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Jun 18, 2015
I'm CERTIFIED OTAKU! I love reading Mangas and Watching Anime. ~Anime Lover~ R1AA chess player since elem. ... :] Champion in Regional Journalism. i love to write sad poems and sad stories while listening to sad instrumental musics. I'm a moody person so, it's better for you not to have a big mess up with me or else I will BITE you to DEATH. but even though i'm moody i know how to respect others especially the ELDERS.. i'm very humble just don't make me mad 'coz i'm different and no one can really understand the way that i want to be. I have a LITTLE CHILDISH personality and the worst I'm doing crazy and stupid things that ONLY I could do just to make my friends happy when they are sad.. hohoho... I can compare MYSELF to NARUTO, because I could say that i know how to APPRECIATE and TREASURE all the things that are coming to my life, especially FRIENDS. :D ~you're welcome to my life be PART of it~ (and you're not gonna REGRET it) ~I'm only treating people according on how they treat me~ just be nice..just that's it.. :)) want more DETAILS? then don't be shy to ask me... i'm always free..but i don't accept those non-sense QUESTIONS. ♥
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