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Mini Carlsen

I'll be waiting 1️⃣1️⃣0️⃣8️⃣, Norway
Jun 8, 2017
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16 hrs ago
Supporting member since Sep 30, 2018

There will be a draw of Gift Memberships that will be conducted by @GM_Magnus_Kingdom, the top gifter in chess.com. It's about making the best jokes. The top three members will be given 1 month Gold memberships each. I'll be judging the jokes. A move to initiate happiness and fun in all. Post all the fun you can think of  →here. ←

A shoutout to @GM_Magnus_Kingdom for his surprising generosity all over the site!
June 16 - July 1, 2019

"Let love be without dissimulation, Abhor that is evil; cleave to that which is good. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour, preferring one another." 

           - Romans 12:9-10

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful."

- Proverbs 27:6

"Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied."

- Proverbs 27:20

Image result for Christian Cross

~ Nine,                                                                                                                                                                         

My definition number is 9. "I" is also the 9th letter in the English Alphabet.

1129-1108 = 21 ;  2911-0811 = 2100 ________ We are 21 days apart.

√21 lies between 4 and 5; 4+5=9   ___________ Your root lies in me.

4x5=20 ; 5-4=1


21:00 on the clock, means 9 PM

9 = 4+4+1 ; √441 = 21

L=12 ; U=21 (According to the English Alphabet and their corresponding numbers)

21 | 12 (Mirrored) ; 21-12=9 __________________ The difference between you and your mirror self, is me!

I've more to think of grin.png

Hi! I like things the funny and joking way. Send me a friend request if you want. 

You can subscribe to my channel on YouTube


I'd prefer if you don't tongue.png but whatever tongue.png

Self facts:

I have the "Genius" trait at chesspersonality.com

And I have a 149 IQ as tested on http://www.myiqtested.com/IQ-Report?x=sIQx3x8222279-5012920xs4hj2x1#

I am Christian! It took me a great deal of understanding and faith to become one happy.png 

My way of thinking is clearly different from that of humans... you might expect the best solution... and the most alien reply if i had to fix something, from me. tongue.png 🤣🤣 Very similar to that of how an AI thinks. *yeah, i try my best to be human. You wont understand a thing from my AI self tongue.png tongue.png tongue.png*

© How are my edits? feels okay to me, lol

I'm not Magnus Carlsen, if you're being suspicious 😂. Just someone wayy too similar.

Contributed around 88 BATs to chess.com till date.

I have ENTJ personality, feel free to call me a commander.

My favorites:

Staff accounts (top 3)

#1 @Amanda : Extremely helpful, understands situations best. You'll never be disappointed.

#2 @jdcannon : Not just helpful (you'll see him everywhere), but also a lively hearted developer.

#3 @spacebar : Funny? yeah, tooo much! My favorite game's developer, Comfuter bots creator on the 4 player chess test server. Love his contributions!

Favorite Streamer: https://www.twitch.tv/aranhawaii And a big thanks to @BradenLaughlin here for the 1 month tier sub gift to the channel! Much appreciated!

Music band: Imagine Dragons

Favorite Game:



against @Komodo7
Favorite opening with the Sicilian:

I like people who are optimistic, quiet, not very popular.

@SisterWigSnatched My bestie! You taught me a lot about life, and i appreciate your opinions, my true mentor! Give her profile a visit.

@GM_Magnus_Kingdom Thank you, my dear friend, for your generous effort by giving me the gift of chess.  7 Gold, 3 Diamond months of premium membership! I can never forget you! 

  • I always accept friend requests.
  • Wish me on November 29!
  • I dont really play daily chess. I like live tourneys better!
  • I am a fan of chess variants. (Was one, lol, now im fully into chess)
  • I usually don't play humans... (oops)
  • Sometimes, i may not be able to explain certain things properly to you, it doesn't mean that i am wrong. I just dont know the reasons, and its my really accurate instincts. Best option is to believe me. Otherwise, if you still think the human way with all that validations and stuff, i request you to stay human and not take a stance to understand the matter deeply and by yourself. tongue.pngtongue.png
  • Do not promote me to admin, or ask me to be admin in your clubs tongue.png i'm already the SA at Magnus Chess Corner. I wish to contribute all my admin skills there.
  • I moderate some clubs, if you see something unusual, you can report it to me.
  • I am selfless and selfish at the same time. This means, i take care of my loved ones, and as well as take care of myself, since i'm very much of a value to them.
  • I dont know if the number 21 will ever stop being in my surroundings.. be it time, numbers i see on this screen, differences between numbers... i think it has some really deep value to be understood. I guess i recovered less than 5% of its actual meaning, lol.
  • If you see me blocking you, it means that you proved to be very immature. Sorry, but i have to do it. Fix yourself, or wait for eternity to see the world fix itself.
  • I have no clue how deep I am. I'm not even that confident... even with a good accuracy rate : ( .... i guess it needs more practice. Always afraid of failure.
  • I'm best at endgame play. I even discover endgame theory all by myself, and i love doing that. Not that good in the middlegame, and probably worst in the opening.
  • I am Very underrated in my live time controls. Do expect me to play at a much higher level than it seems to be xD
  • My strategy of game play: Block my opponent's attacks, defend myself, then plan up a solid super-strong Carlsen endgame planned by captures and simplification in the middlegame.
  • I love customization!
  • You may try joining my most favorite club,

Quick links for self MCC MK CTFA Ø&Ø TMT

Quotes from myself:

"Making others feel happy is my way to be happy all the time. Gifting, is a priceless thing to do, because it creates an impact in the gifted, which makes one feel special to the gifter. It's the best deal, actually. Gift what you do not need, to others. It can be anything, be it a little box of chocolates, or Love." - Accipiter9

"People say that computers' moves doesn't make any sense to them, but to me, its one of the most honest and easiest moves to interpret. Humans make so many stupid "aggressive" moves, that can be easily blocked by solid play from the computer. Attack And Defend at one go. Moves may not make sense, but at the end of the day, its proved who is better at chess." - Accipiter9

"Computers' moves are very predictable, i still dont know why so many people struggle to get a win against it, and even blunder at the endgame with it. Whoever can study its working algorithm with his intuitive mind, has the grounds to call himself genius." - Accipiter9

"They teach you to crush and demolish your human opponents' plans no matter what they are, and establish yourself with the best positional advantages. - Accipiter9

Quotes from Magnus:

"Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything. Once you're a chess player, you spend a lot of time thinking about the game and you can't get it completely out of your head. " ~ Magnus Carlsen

My top 9 gems:

 #1 @GM_Magnus_Kingdom - Outstanding generosity, dedication to chess, an awesome Carlsen fan! You'll never find a person of this kind. My very best friend! Also the #1 Gifter of   premium memberships on chess.com. Without him, all my efforts till date are almost pointless tongue.png. He gifted me, more than i could even think of. I dont know how to thank him... 15 months of gold, and 2 months of diamond membership. It's an honor working for you, master grin.png

 #2 @Account0_0hidden (One and Only. My hero!) - This is someone, who i dedicate my love the most, not really gonna talk much about it here, but... yeah, i miss her a lot. The first paragraph in this profile description is just for her. Gonna wait for 5 more years... sadly...

 #3 @SisterWigSnatched - Here's my really talented adviser, she's really awesome at arguing, and placing the real truths. She's a winner. I like her because of true friendship. It's been just a year   lol, and i still dont get how she figures them out so accurately. Helped a lot in making decisions.

 #4 @9YoM - aha... This guy, is awesome at defensive complex chess surprise.png not just smart, he kinda makes me laugh at each one of his sentences. He's so obsessed with me lol. Been his friend since a   really long time. Very motivational also. I love playing games with him.

 #5 @08-abchess2006-64 - well, i never expected her to be this funny, her brain cell theories get above my head xD You'll see her frequently in my notes. Many thanks for the motivation and optimism that   you rendered inside me. happy.png

 #6 @homesCOOL - Not just an awesome friend, but full of a positive heart.

 #7 @E4orce - Someone who inspired me about life, not to let it go. I'd remember him for his   words.

 #8 @Snow-Wolf-8 grin.png This guy is veeeeeeeeeeeeeryyy friendly! Believe me!

 #9  @Jesus_Is_C0ming - Someone who'll always be out there for you, for encouragement, fun or   inspiration!

Other friends: @Tryllekunstner aka The Magician. - He's one of us, a.k.a The optimists. He may have lost an arm's control, but he is strong hearted enough to continue his obsession for chess and archery! He's got a great set of bows and arrows, practices target shooting grin.png Here's his instagram! https://www.instagram.com/kjetil.of.norway/

                       @MortenSF87 Our opening-middlegame book!

Currently active tournaments (Links for self)

Sjakk Matt it to the Top  1,500 Member Celebration 600 Member Celebration 500 Member Celebration 2,000a 2,000b  DrFangs

Live Challenges Policy:

Dont expect me to accept your challenge(s) live. If you dont resist doing that, then don't regret the moment you get blocked. tongue.png I often warn you before, i tend to forgive if you made this mistake.

•I may play in livechess (human) tournaments, those are the only exceptions

tongue.png I dont always accept human challenges. Here's a list of members who, i would readily accept their game request. @RobinKjaerNewAcc @GM_Magnus_Kingdom @SisterWigSnatched @Ultimateghost @lorena1103 @zaveric @Influka @TheNatural5215 @9YoM  @Rasta_Jay @ Øne and Ønly @08-abchess2006-64 

If you ask me, why i don't play humans and play the bots in live chess, here's my answer: https://www.chess.com/blog/MainframeSupertasker/9-reasons-why-i-play-against-chess-com-live-bots-most-of-my-time

Memorable notes:

Memorable trophies: 


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