Diamond Member

I am a 36 years old spanish geologist graduated in 2015. I work as administrative assistant in the Regional Health System.

I was a child prodigy, but my life went to the wrong way in adolescence with drugs abuse. I am a recovering adict and I enjoy a full life after a lot of effort for my part.

I have also low grade Asperger disorder and schizoaffective disorder associated to drug abuse.  I am sometimes a bit weird, sorry and please don't blame myself.

I was good in chess when I was a child. I won several tournaments and I was selected to be teached by GM de la Villa at Federation. But I left it when I was 10 years old for playing tennis. Huge mistake, I would be a master if I had continued.

I returned to play at University. I am federated and I play on a club. I am better in the tactical aspect of the game, my top pic in tactics trainer is 2700. My top rating is 1930 in French Federation. It is now that I start to study a bit of theory to try to play at higger tables. I train with a spanish correspondence ex-champion.