Michael Pearson
Oxford, England
Mar 1, 2012
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Oct 17, 2016
The 'Kings Game' has become an addiction for me as opposed to a hobby anymore. The feeling of narrowing your vision to 64 squares and 32 pieces for the duration of a game, finding the best moves that you are capable of at that time and then accepting and understanding the result has kept me continually coming back. I wish all of my opponents well regardless of a win, draw or loss and respect their abilities at all times. I actively follow world Chess news and tournaments whenever I can find the time. My favourite player from the history of Chess is Botvinnik by a mile followed by Nimzowitsch and modern players I admire include Adams, Kramnik, Nakamura and Anand among countless others. I am starting to study the games of Karpov after realising what a positional genius he is. My greatest compliments to this site which has given me enough confidence to continue playing, improving and competing in some OTB chess events with some fine and intelligent people.
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