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Born in Mexico, lives in America. I love playing chess seriously and believe I can become GM if I try hard enough, however, I realize it takes extreme effort. I'd say my openings are quite solid, and my endgames as well, but I am always seeking to improve my middlegame. I'm currently studying chess for around 5 hours everyday, and am trying to become a 1500~ by 2022. Other than chess I am learning Japanese. But never watch anime and do not consider myself a "weeb". However, I find nothing wrong with being a weeb and enjoying your community. I also play tennis, and particpiate in tournaments for the sport. I'd say I try to be nice and social, but am quite introverted in the sense that I'm never looking for social gatherings. If you won against me, congrats! happy.png

Some chess related music I like to listen to during games: