Platinum Member Coach

Hello, my name is Maks. I offer chess lessons online in English , French and Polish. I am an expert in fast chess improvement. Despite trying to improve at many crafts at the same time, including piano, programming and school work I managed to improve my chess going from beginner to 2000+ FIDE in only 2 years and I am willing to share my experience and guide anyone to maximize their improvement speed. I am Polish but I Iive in France.  

I have been coaching many students from around the world. The students were always satisfied with the lessons and were willing to take more.  

I charge 25€/h if you are willing to take a lesson, however highly motivated students willing to take multiple lessons may receive discounts. 

I mostly give lessons through discord or skype.

If you are interested then feel free to add me on discord: Maks Markuszewski#5539