May 14, 2008
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Sep 11, 2012
very sporty loves videos of all sorts especially sci fi and action films have aspergers syndrome love quizzes and puzzles on computer was engaged for 2 years to a beautiful 30 yr old i am 53 in june come from lancashire but lived in the south most of my life play & coach table tennis love teaching on one to one basis school age children live in supported accommodation with 3 others & carer love travelling on free bus rides all over sussex & kent very generous i had my video collection mentioned on early morning radio when they asked for unusual collections i am collecting elvis presley stamps sets capt of club. hicc normally finish on 2 or 3 pts in 6 rds grade is 48 ecf but i have had draws against 90 ,100,108 & 120 ecf beat 88 & 94 ecf but lost to 28 & 38 ecf this season i am playing in b'tons 6 rd rapid play comp in sept as white benoni, albin, benko, kings indian, queens gambit accepted / declined. as black caro kann against e4 opening & d4 opening i play queens gambit accepted if offered also play against the colley when i normally take b1 knight with white bishop. i play regularly every week & have coaching every week i have met & played s conquest j plaskett & mr hebden at blitz chess & other gms only losing on time against mr hebden he had 20 secs when my clock went with equal pieces in rook & pawn end game