Before I start I just want to  say thank you to @ZaneB3 for all ur help ur da best staff member ever and u deserve a raise uwu so without further ado

pleasure make your acquaintance♥ 

Im polymorphic and lesbian 

I have lots of friends on chess and would love you to be one of them to warn you I like flirting with ppl but am really polite if i don't know you very well. I like pulling pranks as well so sorry if i hurt your feeling while doing this

my b-day is sep 17 tongue.png

people I'm currently dating


-have a good day 


join my clubs plz 

 art is here to show what a great artist my friend is ^^ wolfie (@Xx-Loona-xX) (also I luv sylveon owo)

my besties






my aunty is @DIMA-48


ppl only I can bully




UWU best moments (quotes or screenshots)