Hi! Welcome to my Bio! I love chess and and I think it is a great community for playing chess! I try to stay active but it doesn't work out all the time, so I might be offline sometimes for a couple days. Here are some clubs I am in and I strongly recommend them to you!

-The Blitz Empire! This Club was actually created by me and we are a nice community that hosts Multi club arenas, Daily Matches, and Vote chess. vs. Chesskid! They are a extremely amazing club, owned by @caleb341! They host tons of daily matches and vote chess! And most importantly, they are such a great community to be in!

-The Ge-winner! This clubs hosts many multi club arenas and is one of my favorite clubs!

Hope you join some of these clubs!

 Also my profile picture was kindly made on bing AI by Admiral_Chessbeard! He kindly made this awesome picture (in my opinion) and probably (I'm not saying he is going to say yes) but maybe if he has time could make an amazing picture for you too!

These are some of my best wins!

This Is my best 30 sec hyper win! It was against @black_army1! This player usually gets on the podium when there is a 30 sec hyper arena. P.S My old name was @shining_phoenix_1735 so that is why it appears like that. The way I won is that they ran out of time....

This is my best bullet win! It was played against @kyu13 in the united chess nations unrated bullet arena!

This is my second best bullet win! This was played in the community bullet brawl arena!