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CM Mateusz_Dubinski

Mateusz Dubiński

Wrocław, Poland
Oct 22, 2012
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Supporting member since Jun 24, 2014

Why do I play chess?



It simply makes me happy. This game lets me show the best part of my personality. I've been enjoying "the King's game" for 17 years. I'm Candidate Master (CM) and my FIDE rating has been over 2200 from several years. I've never won the World Chess Championship so far and probably (Cool) I never will but I'm a solid chess player. My dream is to become an International Master (IM). If I play like during the game below I believe I'll succeed in .Smile













Why am I a chess trainer?



Chess is a passion of my life. I have a gift that I think I'm supposed to share with other people. Helping my chess-friends to improve their chess abilities is my goal. It's been my job for about 3 years. Actually 'job' is a wrong word to descibe what I'm doing. Better would be a 'mission'. That's why I cooperate only with ambitious players.



A basic element of our training will be online chess lessons. What can we do? Obviously it depends on your personal needs. I think the most effective way to improve your skills is to work out on your weaknesses. If you're reading this text I guess you have some Wink.We can analyze your games, do chess tactics, analyze typical endgames or pawn structures etc. Of course you can say: "It's you who are a specialist and I need your help. Do something!" I couldn't be happier!



We can also focus on other things. I'll analyze your games. I suppose I don't have to tell you how important it is. It helps to avoid make the same mistakes in future, shows what is our problem, extends your counting abilities. We can do it together or I can do it for you so that to teach you how to do it correctly.



A game consists of three main parts: an opening, a middle game and an endgame. All of these is very important and we won't forget any but it's obvious that without being well-prepared from the beginning of a game, playing chess is practically impossible. That's why I'll deliver you complete knowledge of any line in any opening.


Everyone knows that training without playing is ineffective. I'll play with you and analyze our games with you. We can also play specific openings to give you more experience. Online games (3-5 days per move) or blitz games are possible.



What's more I'm giving you an unique service. I mean a tournament preparation.  If you want to achieve something it's neccesary. We can cooperate in particular games or the whole tournament. How it would look like? When you know the following opponent you're gonna play tomorrow, you e-mail me and with 2-3 hrs I send you whole information.






If you like my coaching profile (-----> http://www.chess.com/coach/mateusz-dubinski mateuszdubinski@o2.pl) and I believe we're gonna start a great and fruitful cooperation!



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