Diamond Member Coach

Приветствую Вас!
Я международный мастер среди женщин, FIDE Trainer, арбитр 1-й категории. Из моих последних достижений - бронзовая медаль в Высшей Лиге Чемпионата России среди женщин 2023г., участница Суперфинала Чемпионата России среди женщин 2023г. 

Работаю тренером с 2012 года. Среди моих учеников есть победители и призеры городских, краевых соревнований, а также детских этапов Кубка России.
Приглашаю на занятия детей и взрослых! Стоимость занятия 60 мин - 2500 руб. Напишите мне здесь или на почту

Hello there , I am Woman International Master (WIM) Olga Matveeva and passionate about training ambitious kids and adult improvers. 

Playing experience
I have been playing chess since I was 6, won multiple tournaments and became a women international master in 2013.

Teaching experience
I have been teaching chess since 2012 and founded 2016, a chess school for kids, which I am running to this day. There are winners and prize-winners of city, regional tournaments, as well as children's stages of the Russian Cup among my students. I have a title FIDE Trainer (2024).

My lessons are typically a mix of:
    • Analysis of games;
    • Construction of a opening repertoire;
    • Solving puzzles;
    • Learning the basic endgame positions;
    • Learning the typical positions in the middlegame;
    • Practice games;
    • Preparation for an opponent.

I don't speak English very well. But I strive to develop in this direction. I offer the first chess lesson on English for free in order to see if we can understand each other. The cost of subsequent lessons is $35 per hour.

Would you like to get in touch for an introductory lesson?
    • Contact me here or on email:
    • Please share with me your online chess account & what you wish to achieve with chess coaching/lessons.