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Hello guyys, it's Mattew, and welcome in my bio !

First of all, do not advertise your clubs in messages, I won't join.

I may only join if you act kindly and talk with me before advertising (marketing, ya know)

So, I'm a regular active member that likes playing chess (but hates loosing, but I'm fair play don't worry)

You can pm me (message or quick chat) if you want, I will always answer (unless you're annoying)

So yeah facts about me (nobody asked oof) :

- I'm a boy (already told)

- I am a VERY good admin ;D

- I am "active" 

- Mattew is not my real name, but it has the same pronounciation

- I'm french so I may annoy you saying BAGUETTE or CROISSANT

- I'm not english, so I may misspell (or misswrite) some words, but it's fine

- :3 

- You can leave a note if you want

- I have a word game (food game) so please help me- hdjdvziehjd help jdhdihehru

- Never gonna give you up

- Never gonna let you down

- im a anoying boi uwu

- idk

- I like talking about anything

- Food is good

- Nom nom nom

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