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Hi guys! I play chess and prodigy.

Here are some of my best WINS! I beat the Andrea Botez BOT!! WITHOUT ANY HINTS! WITH 1 SHOT!!! This is a Game with


1900 rated. I played about 50 games with Him AND ONLY 1 WON! But I won with NO HINTS!

That is just 2 of my Best wins!

Enjoying Life and never giving up.

RAPID 1500+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! 



Next, I'm gonna give you a riddle. Please don't search it up on google.


Kate’s mother has three children: Snap, Crackle and ___?

Answer: Kate

Now a question:

Do you know the Fried Liver Attacks? Or the wing gambit?

Here is the Fried liver:

That is the Fried liver.

I'm gonna make a post about these attacks!

So be ware!

1 more game:

And if you want to share your games please do! You can private MESSEGE me.