Jul 20, 2019
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Last Profile Update- 2021-01-13

I will not accept your friend request unless you tell me why in messages or notes. I am also trying to keep my friends, at maximum, up to 100, so there are quite a few open spots right now. I also don't accept friend requests from people with less than 500 points

Here's everything you need to know about me

Age- Dead

Gender- Artist

Languages- English and Mandarin

My personality type is Debater

My favourite songs are...well there's too much >:3

My favourite series and authors are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Wings Of Fire, The 39 Clues, Warriors (you know, the Erin Hunter one,) Carl Hiaasen, and Gordon Korman

My favourite colour is Neon Green

My hobbies include reading, making stuff (such as fanart), chess, eating/baking, and some more stuff

My favourite food (I have a ton) is probably beef patty or cheesecake

My drawing style is really just vector and anime 

My favourite subject is Art and English

My favourite animal is the Cat

My favourite games are, TF2, Among Us, Battle Cats, Child of Light, The Touhou Project, and OG 

My favourite sports are badminton, skiing, or dodge ball (is that a sport?) Good Friends- 


-@Depic (he's never on) 

-@XxBakaxX (she's also been pretty inactive lately) Sort-Of Friends- (People who would not consider me as a close friend, but I do)





People you should block- (You go onto this list because you're a meanie, fake, liar, annoying advertiser, or bully)





And thanks for coming around! Have a nice day

Art Gallery (From oldest to newest)

And if you're wondering, I use Google Drawings and Procreate for all my art
Not very good at traditional art but Im trying to finish a high school application that requires tons of traditional :vibecheck: