Apr 20, 2019
Last Online
2 hrs ago

I'm a retired old man (62) who recently discovered online chess.  I like daily chess, rather than live time controls.  My brain doesn't work that fast anymore.  However, be forewarned, I will often spend 30 minutes analyzing a position before I send my move.  So don't get lazy... or I might beat you.

Are YOU my friend?

If you can answer "yes" to the following questions then you ARE my friend as far as I'm concerned. Please send me a friend request, so we can make it official. If I have enough friends out there, I will put together tournaments of various shapes and sizes for us.

1) Have you completed at least 40 Daily games in the last 12 months?
2) Is your rating 1300-1500
3) Is your time-out percentage less than 3%
4) Is your average move time less than 12 hours?
5) Do you restrict yourself to a maximum game load of 30 or less?

If so, let's be friends!        Sincerely, Mike