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Available for lessons in English and in German for reasonable rates.

I have a lot of experience in coaching and training all relevant aspects of the Royal Game. So if you are willing to work improvement is for sure.

Message me if interested: mjmhoffmann@web.de


GM Michael Hoffmann
Founder of Chessmasterclasses.com.

Michael has won tournaments in numerous countries, of which a shared first place at the prestigious Aeroflot - Open (Elogroup 2400 - 2550) in Moscow 2006 with a performance of almost 2700 stands out. He won his first Open Tournament at the age of 15.

Michael has been playing for 25 years in the Highest German Division, the Schach-Bundesliga, which is also considered the strongest League in the world. He is also known as a reliable team player in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Iceland.

For many years he has also been a successful Trainer and Coach. Michael personally creates the training concepts and not only provides his students with profound knowledge, but also entertains them in an excellent way. One of his strengths is the precise individual preparation for upcoming competitions.