Hi! I'm minions_queen3. You can call me minions or minions queen (I'd prefer minions queen, or probably my real name-?).

Right now: I had tiring days before, now it's relaxing days.

I'm 9 years old (turning 10 in September). I'm a female. I love playing chess, dancing, singing, and enjoying my time with my family and friends. My favorite animals are cats, fishes, dogs, and horses! Also I have a pet cat, her name is Kiat Kiat, and a pet fish named Phoenix. My favorite color is pink. Currently I'm in summer vacation, so that means I'm free to play with you! Just challenge me in Rapid, Daily, King of the Hill, and Bullet chess. (If I'm online.) I'm an introvert, my personality in INFP-T. They say it might be the rarest. I can also accept friend requests (Just some ONLY!). Also, I don't accept club requests, if you do that I'll delete it right away. I'm in 1 club, RoyalCats! Here's the description of the club by the owner/super admin, @cat_queen88:

🏰 Join RoyalCats: Where Chess and Feline Fandom Unite! 🐱🎉

Are you a chess player with a deep love for cats and a passion for the feline fandom? Look no further than RoyalCats, the purr-fect chess club that celebrates both chess mastery and our feline friends! 🐾🏆

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🌟 Furry-Friendly Environment: RoyalCats is a safe haven for cat lovers and cats to come together, connect, and enjoy chess in a welcoming and inclusive community.

🌟 Cat-Themed Events: Immerse yourself in our unique cat-themed tournaments, where creativity and feline inspiration combine with chess excellence. Join in battles like the "Paws and Pawns" or the "Whiskers Blitz" and let your inner cat spirit guide your moves!

🌟 Custom Avatars: Express your furry side with our exclusive collection of cat-themed avatars. Show off your unique style and personalize your chess experience.

🌟 Cat Discussions and Art Corner: Engage in lively discussions about cats, share adorable cat pictures, and showcase your artistic talents in our dedicated Cat Discussions and Art Corner. It's the purr-fect place to connect with fellow cat enthusiasts and furries within the chess community.

🌟 Feline Chess Strategies: Delve into the realm of feline chess strategies, where cunning tactics and clever moves take inspiration from our agile and strategic feline friends. Discover new ways to approach the game and meow-ster your skills!

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So, join now!!! (Optional! Not forcing you if you don't like cats) 

I learned chess when I was 8, in school. I'm sometimes a competitive chess player, so expect I might make our game harder. If I'm white, I will always play 1.d4. The first time I went to a tournament was this year, it was a school tournament. I was chosen to be my section's representative, and I won 3rd place. I was the only girl who made it to the top 3 btw.

Special Dates for me:

September 18, my birthday
September 12, the first time I won in a chess game (against a bot)
March 20, the first time I went to a tournament
March 27, the time I won a bronze medal after my first tournament
June 6, the first time I joined in a club

(I will think what will be my other special dates.)

I might edit my bio from time to time, thank you!

P.S: I'm signed in Lichess, my username is minions_rook5
P.P.S: Love you all, (not romantically) Keep smiling. Soon you'll be the person that you want to be. I promise. 

Fun facts about me:

1. I have 3 pajamas that has cat designs
2. I sometimes call my cat Kiat Kiat in different names, they are "Spider-Kiat", "spoiled beautiful cat", and "Little Kiat Kiat" (rarely)
3. I DON'T play Roblox or any other games that kids play (Minecraft, etc.), I just play Minion Rush. Banana!
4. I love hearing Taylor Swift's songs, I'm a "Swiftie".
5. I'm a bookworm, currently I'm reading Harry Potter books.
6. I'm moving to U.S.A next year.
7. My cousin thinks that I have 9999999999 IQ. (not true!)
(Some more will be coming soon.)

║99.9% of you won't post this. When
║Jesus died on the cross he was
║thinking of you. If you're one of 0.1% that
║cares, put this on your profile.
My pet cat, Kiat Kiat happy.png